It’s review time!

I am excited to share with you that for the last eight weeks, I have been trying one of Anna Marie anti-aging serums. This is a wonderful little hydrating face serum and my skin has absolutely loved it!

Ain’t-Aging Serum

My face drinks it in. The brand recommends you use two pumps, twice a day. Again, my skin would love it if I used it at least five times a day, however, if I use it more than twice a day, it does aggravate my skin. That being said, as soon as I started using this product, my skin was noticeably – and almost immediately – softer. It has continued to improve over the last 8 weeks and has left my skin feeling thoroughly nourished.

Ann Marie Anti-Aging Serum has been a great addition to my skin care regiment and would definitely recommend giving this a try for yourself.

This is a part of a larger skin care line from Anna Marie. I will be trying out and reviewing each of her products. Be sure to check back often to see when those reviews get posted!

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