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Venice Italy

Our Europe Vacation: Venice, Italy

This post is the second in a 6-part series where I want to share the knowledge, experience and insight I acquired while planning and executing this trip. If you missed it, you can read Part

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The Promenade Nice France

Our Europe Vacation: Nice, France

The decision was made! My husband and I, along with our Niece, were going to vacation in Europe. The only question was, “what cities are we going to visit?” The list of choices seemed to

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Starbucks egg bites

Starbuck’s Sous Vide Egg Bites

This is my take on Starbuck’s Sous Vide Egg Bites. Do you struggle to find something to eat that is healthy, quick, high in protein, low in carbs and tastes good? Me too! If I

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Braggs olive oil

Bragg’s Olive Oil

We are always on a continuing journey to a greener and healthier lifestyle. It is an ever-evolving journey and I do not believe it will truly ever end. As we learn, grow and continue to

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Tide pen

Tide Pen

These pens are remarkable at removing stains from clothing! They are designed to get the stains out of your clothing before the stain has a chance to set into the fabric. They make them small

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native deodorant-02

Native Deoderant

Making Your Underarms Beautiful We have discussed natural deodorants before and how you need to avoid anti-antiperspirants (because they contain Aluminum), however, this post is not about the pros and cons of using anti-antiperspirants versus

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Gekks Socks

Product Review: Gekks

This is a review of the Gekks product Gekks are semi-permanent sock-inserts for your shoes. I had no issues with the order process itself, however, the order-processing and delivery-process was not so good. I ordered

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