Thanksgiving is over and the time has come to beautify our homes for the Christmas season. For some of us, this is a full overhaul while for others, we try to keep things simple. Regardless of the group you put yourself in to, let us dive in and get down to some decorating business!

Being the over-achiever that I am (especially this time of the year), I fall into the “full overhaul” group. I see this as an opportunity to make big changes around the house. Somehow, the house just feels like it needs a face lift to make it shine bright for Christmas!

Picking a color and/or a theme is your starting point. Last year, I chose the colors blue and green and my theme was words.

Christmas Tree Decorating
Christmas 2017
Christmas 2017
Christmas 2017

I like to start with obvious focal points; like the front door, the fireplace and the Christmas tree(s). I put up at least 2 nine foot trees.

Decorating Focal Point
Christmas Tree
Decorating Focal Point
Decorating Focal Point
Christmas Tree

This year, my colors are deep red with black and white and a slightly glam theme.

Christmas Decorations

Happy decorating!

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