Home décor on a budget! I purchased this picture on the clearance shelf because the paint on the frame was damaged. I purchased a can of spray paint and re-painted the frame and now I have a picture that looks great. (I actually like the new color way better than I did the original color) and I paid less than half of what the picture would have cost if it had not been damaged. I will include pics below..

Upscale Project Picture

Here is a picture before I spray painted it. As you can see, it has some scrapes on it. Here is a close up of the most damaged area.

Upscale Project Damaged Frame

This is the paint I used for the frame. I just slid some paper in between the frame and the picture and taped the middle pieces. Then I put it on a tarp in my garage and painted it.

Upscale Project Spray Paint
Upscale Project Painted Frame

Here is the finished product and a pic of the finished frame up on my wall. I think it turned out great! Again I think the new color on the frame matches much better than the old color.

Upscale Project Completed Picture Frame
Upscale Project Complete

I hope this gives you all some ideas and inspiration for your home!

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